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Do you know, almost everyone has a great idea, and they're gonna execute their great idea. I have all kinds of people come to me, "I've got a great idea I'd like to share with you." What they do, is they want me to execute their great idea.

Why don't they execute their idea?

When you get a really good idea, you should act on it. People have ideas of starting a business, I've started a number of different businesses. Question is where to start. You start where you are and you start with what you've got. That's all you need. When you start where you are and with what you've got, and you bring your mind to focus on that idea, you will attract everything to you that you need.

You were taught seek ye first this kingdom, in its righteousness and all these things will be given to us. See when you learn to focus on something, you get on a frequency. And when you're on that frequency you start to attract whatever you want.

You may not have any money, you may not have the resources that you need to execute, to build it into something big, that doesn't matter. All the resources that you need to do anything you want to do are already here. But you've got to get in touch with them. You've got to get in harmony with them and boom, you'll rush 'em into your life.

You'll attract the money, the people, the thoughts, the things, everything you need you'll attract to you.

So where do you start?

You always start where you are, and you start with what you've got.

Don't be looking at what you don't have.

Think of what you do have.

Fall in love with your idea and get it rolling ... now!

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