Welcome To The Comfort Zone with #PerryDigm | Episode 1


"The Comfort Zone" A Proctor Gallagher Parody

Hey you ... yes, you! The one with big dreams, big ambitions, probably a handful of bad habits and hopefully a good sense of humor.

Ever notice how when you're stuck (or maybe just stuck with a bad attitude) you're the last one to realize it? Yep, that's always how it goes.

And while success, paradigms, goals - achieving health, wealth and happiness - can be serious subjects.

We believe a little break in seriousness, a good belly laugh, or a self reflection with a lightness of heart can sometimes be just what the dr ordered.

We hope you'll enjoy this Paradigm Parody with #PerryDigm, we hope it brings a smily to your face and maybe a good reflection.

PS: If you want to get serious about shifting your paradigms (mental programs) to create the life you've always wanted, check out our upcoming #ParadigmShift event in Los Angeles.
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