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Loading .... Retail expert Grant Cardone demonstrates why the ad sucks even when is the perfect message. Grant Cardone known for helping sales organizations, the auto industry and other retail small businesses and big box operators talks about how marketing regardless of how great the message or what avenue, internet, radio, tv or print will fail when you don't properly prepare your people.

The number one reason retail organizations are struggling is not poor advertising but ineffective sales training. Direct mail programs that are created to drive traffic will fail when people don't know how to handle the customer. SEO and SEM investments online will target the right customer, identify who may be a buyer and even sweep zipcodes for the best targeting but if your people, sales people, receptionist are not properly informed and know how to effectively convert the sale will fail.

The amount of effort placed into the research, creation, placement and tracking of advertising needs to be matched with sales force preparation. If your ads are failing, don't call your ad agency call Sales Training Expert Grant Cardone to show your organization how to roll out a four day campaign that aligns with the advertising.

Start by informing management, then receptionist, the sales force. Prepare them by using sales meetings, and online video with testing to ensure that the entire company knows what to expect and how to handle each situation.

Advertising + Engagement = Conversions and conversions mean MONEY. ROI has to be there for the ad to pay for itself and that has nothing to do with the wording, the drop, the geographics, demographics, pricing of your products or the offer but how well your people can execute on the opportunity.

Advertising is the easiest part of this equation following through the most difficult. That is why so many organizations spend so much money advertising and then find themselves scratching their heads why one worked and another did not. So Grant Cardone Sales Training organization created an online sales training platflorm so that reception, management, sales force and all employees will be trained, motivated and even tested out before the big spend.

Recapture your lost revenue and market share by empowering your people and preparing them for success.



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