The World IS Changing – Grant Rant #124


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Grant Rant #124 - Grant Cardone: New York Times best selling author is here to talk about how much the world is changing. A guy told Grant the other day that nothing has changed and that everything stays the same.

Here's some examples of how much America has changed just in the last 60 years.

In 1950 a gallon of gas cost $.50 and today it costs $3.69 on average. That's approximately 15 times increase. In 1950 you could buy a first class stamp for 3 cents. In 2012 you would wonder why you would buy a stamp at all. In 1950 80% of all men in America had a job. Today 65% or less men have a job in America. In 1950 the average duration of unemployment in America was 12 weeks. Today the average duration of unemployment is over 40 weeks. The longest duration in the history of the United States. In 1950 the average family spent 22% of their income on housing. In 2012 the average family will spend 43% of every dollar they make on housing. That's not zoning a home. That's rent, that's a roof, that's whether you own or rent a house. On average a modern family spends 43% of every dollar they make on housing.

Now what's the point of all this? The world is changing. You have to change. You have to change the way you operate, the way you think, and the way you go into the marketplace.


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