Stay Out of The Stock Market – Grant Rant #142


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Grant Cardone Sales training expert and New York Times Best selling author talks about why you should stay out of the stock market and invest in other things that will benefit you.

When a hacked twitter account can destroy billions of dollars of investments in seconds, I'm leaving it alone.

If you aren't a professional at investing in companies or you're not prepared to lose money, don't invest in the stock market.

Invest in yourself
Invest in your business
Invest in paying off debt
Invest in Clients
Invest in Community and Charities

These are things you can control.
Invest in SURE things. You, your business, and your clients.

Most people lose money in the stock market, or else it wouldn't be there.

That being said, once you have money, then invest in companies. Not stocks.
Companies you understand.
Companies where you own their products.
Companies that can not be replaced EVER.



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