NBA Legend Magic Johnson – Winning The Game of Life


Eric Worre: NBA Legend Magic Johnson - Winning The Game of Life
Not only is he an incredible basketball player and hall of fame member, but he is an incredible businessman. In this exclusive Podcast, Magic Johnson tells me what it takes to win in life and in business.
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Can you imagine the type of person it takes to be an all-star professional basketball player, builds multiple businesses, and be the president of the Los Angeles Lakers. I can. It takes a leader, an innovator, a producer, and a top-level businessman. Magic Johnson is all of those things and more.
On December 4th, Magic will be joining me at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Las Vegas. But, before we do that, I wanted to sit down with him and pick his brain on what it takes to:
• Improve yourself every day.
• Reach the pinnacle of your career.
• Find and utilize a mentor.
• Build a brand that stands the test of time.
• Build a Network Marketing brand.
• How to overcome obstacles and maintain optimism.
• Much much more...
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