Minimum Wage – Grant Rant #164


Hey Grant Cardone here New York Times best selling author and your friend in sales and in business, minimum wage is back on the table. Congress wants to take it from $7.25 to ten bucks, I think there are three democrat senators who want to take it from seven to ten fifty. And this week McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Wendy's a bunch of guys got together that work at the fast food joints and said we don't want seven, we don't want ten, we want fifteen. Look folks, let me tell you about minimum wage the only thing that you get when you rage minimum wage, the only first thing you get is just more people on minimum wage. You want a whole country on minimum wage just raise it to fifteen, hell why don't we go to twenty, why don't we go to twenty five why don't we go to thirty? What does it matter? Let's just go. Here is the problem with minimum wage, when you raise minimum wage you end up with more people on minimum wage, number two prices immediately overnight skyrocket. That hamburger that you eat, that milkshake that you get from Wendy's, that clean salad that you ordered over at Taco Bell. You know the Taco Bell, the shells that the guy licked on all the Tacos he was getting paid seven bucks an hour and was pissed off about it.

See if you raise the price of the hourly person all those prices go up to so that person that was getting minimum wage is just back to zero anyway. Look minimum wage is not a solution to anyone's problems. The only solution to a persons problem is their productivity is their creativity, is the ability to separate yourself from the marketplace and be great so nobody would want to pay you minimum wage. Nobody can help you do that. No government, no congress, no senate nobody can guarantee you financial security. Let's face it, fifteen bucks an hour? Even at fifteen you need to be looking for more money because there is no money, fifteen dollars an hour is $28,000 a year. You cannot raise a family on that, you folks that are looking for minimum wage I understand how tough it is. Look I worked at McDonalds, I didn't deliver I wasn't worth the seven bucks they paid me. I didn't deliver I was not committed, oh it wasn't seven bucks either it was like three bucks back then. I didn't deliver I wasn't great. They threw me away they fired me and they replaced me with somebody else who would work for three bucks. And that is the same thing that will happen to you are seven, ten, fifteen you have got to get great folks. You have got to get great or nobody will ever pay you. Look there is no money in being average, there is no win in being average there is no pay off, in being average be great.



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