Huge Membership Bonuses

Membership Bonus #1


Affiliate Profits ClubSick of the online gurus saying that affiliate marketing is like printing money? While affiliate marketing isn’t that easy, it’s not hard, either. But you need a strong foundation.

When you join AFFILIATE PROFITS CLUB, you will:

> Find out what affiliate marketers really do. This is a great intro if you are new to affiliate marketing.
> Find out what kinds of niches make the best targets and uncover the hottest markets right now.
> Create your own lead magnet page (it’s easier than assembling Ikea furniture!)
> Set up a blog and discover the surprising secrets of what the top affiliates do differently with their blogs. (Including a secret from Publishers Clearing House that will blow you away).
> The #1 secret that separates the super affiliates from the super broke affiliates.
> Become mesmerizing with your words so they can be the “ugly guy who got the supermodel”.
> Get vendors to start sending traffic to your site, send you traffic, and generate sales for you.

AffiliateProfitsClubMembership Bonus #2


eMarketers ClubThe secret to having endless amounts of hungry buyers is by building a highly targeted email list of people who are craving what you’re selling.

When you join eMARKETERS CLUB, you will:

> Find out why email marketing is not dead and how exactly to bring in tens of thousands of dollars every month from your list.
> Learn the 3 types of lists you must have if you’re serious about list building.
> Get your subscribers glued to every email you send to get more opens, reads, click thrus, and sales.
> Create an irresistible free offer to get people to sign up for your list and harness the power of giving stuff away for free to make money.
> Learn and implement the #1 key to getting high opt-in rates.
> Tackle the common problem of big traffic numbers and a small list.
> Discover 5 good ways to bring in more traffic and targeted leads.

eMARKETERSCLUBMembership Bonus #3


Membership Marketers ClubThe top companies in the world realize that in order to be profitable, you need to turn your customers into members.

When you join MEMBERSHIP MARKETERS CLUB, you will:

Find out why membership sites ROCK and get on the receiving end of the huge influx of cash that is memberships.
> See behind the curtain on the most profitable membership models on the planet.
> Learn how to make money with a free membership site.
> Look at the “marketer’s dream” AKA the “recurring monthly profits” model website and how you can implement this lucrative model in your business.
> Avoid the #1 thing that kills membership site profits.
> Learn how to keep people in your membership site for the long term and reduce dropout rates.
> Create multi-tiered membership sites with a series of upgrades so that you will constantly have money coming in.
> Get the key to running a mega successful membership site (and learn what it actually takes to run one).
> Uncover massive hidden profits in your membership site. It’s not what you think.

MembershipMarketersClubMembership Bonus #4


Power Copy ClubIt doesn’t matter how great your product is if you can’t find the words to make your prospects see that they need it. The biggest skill any marketer can have is the power to write sales letters that make your prospects scramble to find the order button.

When you join POWER COPY CLUB, you will:

Learn the no-fail AIDA formula and how to use it to whip up sales copy quickly.
> Get the template of the 12 sections your sales page MUST have if they want a high conversion rate.
> Write an opening to your sales letter that makes people hang on to your every word.
> Discover the 5 urgency strategies that work like magic to get people to take action fast.
> Find out 4 ways to use a P.S. to get people on the fence to say “YES”.

PowerCopyClubMembership Bonus #5


Power Marketers ClubYou can place the exact same business information and tools into the hands of two people. One will go on to make millions of dollars and enjoy massive success. The other person won't even make enough with his business to pay the rent.

What's the difference between these two business people? MINDSET.

When you join POWER MARKETERS CLUB, you will:

Learn the 4 mindset factors that make or break your business.
> Find out what “driving on unfamiliar road” means and how it’s having such a big impact on your bank account!
> Find out which people in your life are sabotaging your success.
> Get a strategy to not let naysayers and “energy vampires” hold you down like a 2,000-pound weight.
> Learn the mindset factors that separate the mega rich from the mediocre.

PowerMarketersClubMembership Bonus #6


Product Profits ClubIf you don’t have your own product, then you’re leaving an enormous amount of money on the table. We created the Product Profits Club to show you how easy creating a product can be (when you have the right teacher!)

When you join PRODUCT PROFITS CLUB, you will:

Learn the 5 surefire ways to figure out what products your audience already wants to pay for.
> Figure out what product to create first to put the largest profit in your pocket.
> Uncover 3 strategies for increasing the perceived value of your offer (which means that they can charge more!)
> Get the scoop on PLR content. Is it a money maker or a terrible idea? We’ll teach you the truth.
> Find out the 3 questions you must ask yourself to decide whether to outsource or create your product yourself (so you don’t lose or waste money!).

ProductProfitsClubMembership Bonus #7


Success UpgradeDo you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Success Upgrade will show you what qualities you need in order to achieve greatness AND give you the strategies you need to adapt those strategies to your own life.

When you join SUCCESS UPGRADE, you will:

Get the 5 eye-opening strategies that will have you thinking and acting like a CEO in no time.
> Learn the art of taking calculated risks so that you can enjoy massive success.
> Find out what to do about people who are trying to stomp all over your dreams.
> Uncover the secret to overcoming fear (it doesn’t require becoming fearless).
> Let go of being a control freak so that you can start growing your dream team.
> Get the quality that all successful entrepreneurs possess: the incurable desire to help other people. You’ll never run out of energy once you can do this.
> Create a plan for your business and future.
> Most importantly: gain the ability to manage your money as an entrepreneur (including 3 strategies for getting, keeping, and growing your money).

SuccessUpgradeMembership Bonus #8


Traffic Generation ClubSo you’ve got all of these great membership sites to promote, but what happens if you don’t have enough website traffic? You want more traffic, more subscribers, more customers, more cash. That’s where the Traffic Generation Club comes in.

When you join TRAFFIC GENERATION CLUB, you will:

Find out how to get exciting traffic surges every day instead of every once in a blue moon.
> Learn the strategies that master digital marketers are using to get hundreds, thousands, even millions of comments, likes, and shares.
> Find out the single biggest traffic mistake that leaves you frustrated with results even if they have massive amounts of visitors coming to their site.
> Learn how the top vendors create affiliate programs that everyone wants to be a part of (and get super vendors to market your products).
> Discover the hidden strategy that they’re not using to get more eyeballs on your website.
> See (and be surprised at) how they’re wasting their existing traffic… even if they don’t think they are.

TrafficGenerationClubMembership Bonus #9


Web Profits ClubThe idea of making money online is super exciting, right? You get to do whatever you want whenever you want. The problem is: it seems like whenever you start researching ideas, all you find is scams and shams. This course teaches you 10 rock solid ways to make money online.

When you join WEB PROFITS CLUB, you will:

Learn the surprising truth about affiliate marketing. The vast majority of affiliates make zero dollars. We don’t want that to happen to you.
> Learn how to sell the most profitable digital products like eBooks, audios, and videos.
> Find out the #1 thing that you must do to create a thriving business online (skipping this step guarantees failure!)
> Discover the #1 secret to become a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle over time (even J.K. Rowling uses this tip).
> Get the nuts and bolts of setting up your digital offers.
> Discover how to turn content into cash with a powerful and profitable blog.

WebProfitsClubMembership Bonus #10


Wealth Upgrade ClubYour business can pull in a great deal of money. But if you aren't plugging up the money leaks in your finances, a great deal of money also might be needlessly flowing out of your bank account like water out of a leaky bucket. This course teaches you how rich people stay rich.

When you join WEALTH UPGRADE CLUB, you will:

Learn the 5 S’s of kicking the habit of using other people’s money and finally get out of debt forever.
> Get tools to keep track of their money so that you can keep more of what you earn.
> Find out what you should start saving for RIGHT NOW.
> Discover 5 really cool strategies for quickly decreasing their expenses without decreasing your quality of life.
> Learn the 3 ways most businesses are leaking money and how to start holding onto this money.



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