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When an individual learns how to stay positive, everything in their life improves. Why is that? Well, if you're not positive, you're negative. If you're not goin' in one direction, you're goin' the other.

Everything in this universe has an opposite. Ignorance, knowledge. That's the way it works. Up, down. Hot, cold. Positive, negative. How do you stay positive? Well, first of all, I think we wanna understand that staying positive is staying in a vibration that's gonna cause us to feel good, to do better, and to keep growing. It's not an accident.

We have a lady in our company whose our Marketing Director, Mykie Stiller. She is one of the most positive. She has one of the best attitudes of anybody I've ever met. See when a person's positive, they've got a good attitude. So how do we get there and stay there? We know we can get there by focus on something good.

Well, just make up your mind that that's where you're gonna stay. Now it may take a while, but you can form the habit of staying positive. Mykie has. Does she go off track? Periodically, I've seen her when she's off track but not very often. And when she gets off track like that, she comes back on track.

You see, when you're not feeling good, you're not staying positive, you're focused on the negative. Look for what's good. Harvest the good. There's good in everything. Don't take any joy out of finding out what's wrong with something. Any dumbbell can point out what's wrong. It takes respect, not of intelligence and focus, to figure out what's right. Now, think of that.

When you feel good, you're stayin' positive. When you don't feel good, you're negative. Feeling is conscious awareness of the vibration we're in. When you're positive, you're in a good vibration. When you're negative, you're in a bad vibration.

When you're positive, you attract all kinds of good things to you. So you see, you can actually become a magnet for good by staying positive.

It's a choice and it's a choice you make.

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