How to Handle the Stress of Moving


How to Handle the Stress of Moving by Grant Cardone

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Handling the Stress of Moving
Grant Cardone: New York Times best selling author is here today to talk about lies and false information. Is moving the most Stressful thing you can ever experience? There are a lot of things that you've been told that simply just are not true. Grant talks about this in his book titled The 10X Rule. The responses to that book have been amazing. It hasn't been the #1 biggest selling book that Grant has released simply because of the length of time that it's been out but the number of people that have contacted Grant throughout the world telling him that something magical has happened to them has been unbelievable.

One of the things that Grant talks about in The 10X Rule is about lies, false information, and false data.

Somebody said to Grant that it must be really, really stressful to move everything from Los Angeles to Florida. The reality is that there's people starving in the world. It isn't stressful moving in comparison to issues that others have to face on a daily basis. Look outside at the view from Grant's beachfront condo in Miami and you will see that it's not stressful.


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