How to Get a Raise – Young Hustlers – Sneak Preview


There are 80 million millennials out there and no, not all are lazy and entitled. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9 to 5 grind and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal. Grant Cardone and his millennial protégé, Jarrod Glandt target the under 35 crowd with the tips and insights they need to succeed in any economic climate.

Some stats on raises in America:
• 90% of Americans think that they deserve a raise
• 54% don’t ask for one
• 32% would rather clean their while house
• 6% would rather be audited by the IRS

The 4 Steps to Asking for a Raise:
1. Get your bosses attention.
2. Clarify at the beginning what the meeting is about.
3. Make it very clear you’re not looking for a handout.
4. How could it be possible to reach a specific goal?

Examples of each point:
1. Hey, can I get your attention for 3 minutes.
2. I want to talk to you about money.
3. I’m not asking you to give me that money. What can I do to bring in more money to the business?
4. What can I do to bank another $X for the year?

Don’t Say:
• Man I’ve been here a long time.
• I do a good job.
• I’m never sick.
• If I can’t do this I’m going to leave.

“No data. No dollas.” – Jarrod Glandt

Watch the full episode or listen to the podcast to hear all of the amazing insights they have to offer about getting a raise at work.

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