How to Generate 5 Figures per Month in Affiliate Commissions in only 20 minutes per day?

This might sound too much hype, but it’s true!
When I personally went through these trainings, I began to experience breakthroughs.
#1 The Free Method
#2 The Money On Demand Method
#3 The Money Maximizer Method

I really love digital entrepreneurship – affiliate marketing at that.
It empowers an ordinary person to level up one’s income and achieve time and financial freedom using the internet for online marketing.

I had my share of disappointments along the way.
I spent too much time overthinking and overdoing things… I ended up overwhelmed.
Personal coaching helped me gain clarity, focus, and strategic action.

How to generate 5 figures per month in affiliate commissions in only 20 minutes per day?

Focus your affiliate marketing efforts on a popular, proven, and profitable niche.
Digital Entrepreneurship (Make Money Online); Wealth-building; and Health and Wellness niches top the list of top paying online marketing opportunities.

Leverage marketplace platforms that have vendors offering either 100%, 75%, 50% commissions to their affiliates. Monthly membership or recurring payments also translates to passive, recurring income to you as an affiliate. High-ticket offers in these niches enable you to earn $1000s in commissions. Find a couple of offers that are evergreen and focus on them.

Once you are clear on what profitable niche to focus on, identify the set of products you would like to focus on promoting. Factor in the potential income you can get or you aim to generate per month.

Then take massive action!
Follow this easy 3-step process.

Start with Method #1 which is the Free Money method.
This method takes advantage of the current hype around your chosen niche.
This is a very simple method – and it gets results.

Then you can scale things up a bit – if you want.

Method #2 will help you earn more… and on auto-pilot.
Leverage the help of super affiliates to build our own buyers list.
Offer related products and services to your buyers list and earn money on demand.

Method #3 is all about leverage and high-commission income.
Leverage google and other top media out there through paid ads.
Piggyback on the efforts of other content creators and marketers.
Earn as much or more than them in the process.

These three simple methods don’t take so much time and effort to implement.
However, it’s a straightforward way of generating 5 figures per month in affiliate commissions. It’s really all about working smart!

Don’t overthink this.
You can do this, and I am here to help you.

I personally went through coaching on each of these methods.

#1 The Free Method
#2 The Money On Demand Method
#3 The Money Maximizer Method

These are the same principles and skills I would like to share with you – for free.

Yes, free!

I would like to try a different approach to doing this.

I will grow a network of super affiliates who will eventually have their own super affiliates.

It’s all about duplication and leverage.

I know I can be of great help to you.
If you make use of your affiliate marketing skills to improve your life, I would be most happy. Being my affiliate will just be a plus.

But of course, should you choose to sell my products and be my super affiliate, I will give you 100% commissions on the front end, 50% on all the upsells. Sounds fair right?

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