How to Apply Pressure Like a Pro – Cardone Mastermind


Steve Spray starts today's show off with a topic that is very touchy in sales. One of the major mistakes made by a sales person is that they do not apply pressure in the close. This is typically talked about as a bad thing or is done improperly and causes a bad experience for the customer.

Grant Cardone trains on over 146 courses inside Cardone University to teach a sales/business person the proper techniques to build urgency in the deal in persistent and professional manor. Pressure is a great thing and should be done when helping build urgency to close on a product or service that will benefit a customer. It would be wrong to have a product that would benefit someone and allow them to add any more time to the equation.

Today's shows breaks this down and how to be successful when building urgency in the sales process.

Steps include:

Handle the WHY
Solve the problem
Provide Relief
Close the deal

Cardone University is the #1 Sales System in the World. It offers Grant Cardone’s most extensive sales training curriculum on the web today. With over 30 years of real-world sales experience Grant Cardone provides a dynamic sales training tool for use in almost any sales situation for teams and individuals alike.

The core sales training within the curriculum includes:
Selling Basics
Understanding the Buyer
Sales Process
Theory of Closing
Closing Strategies
Incoming Calls
Internet Lead Response
100 Ways to Stay Motivated
Top Traits of Great Salespeople


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