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What matters in a relationship and what doesn't? You need something to look forward to. You have to have your attention on the future. A target. A win. I’ll take a risk to get the reward. I’m not thinking about the pain but the WIN. Nothing will distract if you focus on the future.

Ask yourself if what you’re talking about with your partner is:

● Production or drama?
● Moving forward or backward?
● Creation or destruction?

Are you focused on things that are big or little bitty?

If you’re in the past, you’re looking to win an argument. To make a point. To bring up a defect about the other person. If your goals are not in place, you will bicker.

If you and a group of people dropped all their problems in the center of a room, I guarantee you’ll pick yours back up.

You need to get over your problems.

The more you’re struggling, the more you have to put your attention on the future.

Everything is a game. If you’re focusing on winning, you won’t be thinking about defects. Get busy expanding instead contracting.

How can you keep your marriage exciting? Focus on what you can control today. You have to pick if it’s in the future or in the past. Have massive goals or you’ll get bored.

The future takes care of the past. If I messed up two weeks ago I can do a lot of good in the future to make up for it. I have to out-create my mistakes.

Have your attention on one thing—what can you win together.

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