Conflicted About Money Beliefs? Change Your Mindset & Get Rich — T. Harv Eker


T. Harv Eker discusses how to solve internal conflict related to ingrained money beliefs and addresses one student who says he is conflicted over “wanting to be rich, but believing that money is evil.” Do you have money beliefs that are preventing you from success? Join his FREE class:

Over time, some people develop an unhealthy money belief system which may be impairing their ability to get rich.

Everything is neutral until you give it meaning. Your belief - your mindset - is what makes money bad. Rich people aren’t bad. Poor people aren’t bad. Your money beliefs or mindset about wealth are what make them “evil.”

“If you became rich, would you be a bad person?” T. Harv Eker asks.

It’s important not only to acknowledge your beliefs about money, but to understand them. Where did they come from? Who told you that money is bad? What experiences made you feel that way about wealth?

The idea that rich people are evil is what holds you back from financial freedom. Yes, there are some rich people who are bad. But there are also poor people who are bad. Money has nothing to do with it. Determine what YOU would do if you were wealthy.

You need to recondition your money beliefs to train yourself and your mindset. Will you give money to those in need? Will you help others when you become rich? If so, then rich is not bad. Rich is whatever you make it to be.

What's stopping you from achieving everything you want in life? If. It limiting money beliefs have anything to do with it, join T. Harv Eker as a special guest for his free web class, "Don't Believe A Thought You Think."



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