Be Laser Focused When Life Challenges You – Grant Rant #119


Grant Rant #119 - Be Laser Focused When Life Challenges You

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Grant Rant #119 - Grant Cardone: New York Times best selling author is here today to talk about never giving up. Ever since Grant's TSA problem the TSA has been nothing but nice to him and it reminds Grant of what happened on May 21, 2009.

Grant's wife called Grant while he was in Houston and said they were having a baby that day. Grant knew the baby was coming but he thought that it was not due until June so he planned a seminar in May. Grant does natural child birth at his home because he doesn't want doctors cutting on his wife or drugging her and he doesn't want his wife to be in a place where other people are sick. So they had their baby at their house.

Grant's wife calls him and tells him that he needs to come home. So Grant grabs his bags and buys a ticket and he heads to the tram. The tram is shut down though. At this time Grant had 11 minutes to make his flight so he can be at home in time to deliver his first baby girl. What does Grant do... he stays positive! No negativity allowed here. Grant just starts hauling ass pulling his luggage. Grant goes all the way across the Intercontinental Airport and he comes up to TSA and he is busting through he security line begging people for help while staying focussed the entire time. Grant knows he can't make the flight on time. He looks for his drivers license and passport and realizes that he lost his license and passport. You know what anyone would do in that situation? They would quit. Because that what most people would do. Don't be a quitter. In the most extreme situations you should remain positive and optimistic and positive things will happen as a result.


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